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International Council of Unitarians and Universalists Global Chalice Reading

The International Council of Unitarians and Universalists (ICUU) distributes a new Chalice Lighting Reading each month. Congregations are invited to use it during worship services, and to introduce it as a Global Chalice Lighting.

This is a terrific resource for congregations that have an international vision, and wish to have a ritual element of that vision regularly included in worship services.

Global Chalice Lighting for February 2014

The International Council of Unitarians and Universalists announces the 126th in its monthly global chalice lighting readings. Congregations worldwide are invited to participate and to use the reading for at least one worship service in the designated month, identifying it as the “ICUU Global Chalice Lighting” for that month and naming the group which submitted it.

This Global Chalice Lighting was originally submitted by the Unitarian Church of South Africa and is suggested for use in February 2014.

As we gather in the shadow of our mountain,
The ocean laps around our feet.
We reach deep for the silence within.
Feel the rhythm of the ancient drum.
We light our flame, it lifts us high.
Our rainbow seems alight.
Diverse as we are
Together as one!
Our flame will shine afar
And guide our journey's light.

Ons vergader in die skadu van ons berg.
Branders spoel om ons heen!
Ons streef na dieper inner stilte.
Voel die ritme van eeu ou trom.
Die aansteek van ons vlam, dit hef ons hoog!
Ons reenboog skyn verlig!
Uiteenlopend soos ons is, tersame as een.
Gloeiend is ons vlam van ver, dit lei ons reistog's pad.

Comme nous nous réunissons à l'ombre de notre montagne,
l'océan clapote à nos pieds. Nous parvenons ainsi, profondément, à un silence intérieur afin de mieux vibrez au rythme du tambour antique.
Puis, allumons notre flamme pour qu’elle nous élève avec elle.
Voilà, notre assemblée arc-en-ciel semble maintenant, elle aussi, toute en lumière. Divers nous sommes, ensemble comme un.
Notre flamme brillera loin et nous guidera de sa lumière durant notre voyage.

Wenn wir im Schatten unseres Berges zusammenkommen,
umspült der Ozean unsere Füße.
Wir spüren ganz innerlich der Stille in diesem Geschehen nach.
Fühlen den Rhythmus der alten Trommel.
Wir entzünden unsere Flamme, sie hebt uns hoch empor.
Unser Regenbogen scheint hernieder gekommen zu sein.
Unterschiedlich wie wir sind,
sind wir zusammen doch eins.

Mentre ci raccogliamo all'ombra della nostra montagna,
l'oceano lambisce i nostri piedi.
Nel profondo di noi stessi, ascoltiamo il silenzio.
Ascoltiamo il ritmo di antichi tamburi.
Il nostro arcobaleno sembra risplendere.
Diversi tra noi,
insieme come uno.
La nostra fiamma risplenderà lontano.
E guiderà la luce del nostro cammino.

Al reunirnos en la sombra de nuestra montaña,
el océano chapotea entre nuestros pies.
Profundizamos en el silencio de nuestro interior.
Sentimos el ritmo del antiguo tambor.
Encendemos nuestra llama que nos eleva hacia lo alto.
Nuestro arco iris parece ligero.
Diversos como somos.
¡Unidos como uno!
Nuestra llama brillará lejos
y será la luz que guíe nuestro viaje.

—Karien van der Walt, submitted by the Unitarian Church of South Africa
(With many thanks to our volunteer translators: Jean-Claude Barbier (French), and Freya Bednarski-Stelling (German), Paola Ferrari (Italian) and Jaume de Marcos (Spanish).)

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Last updated on Friday, February 14, 2014.

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