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Meditations: “Within This Instant

Within the space of an instant, you can
       make a first impression
       show gratitude,
       change your mind,
       wipe away a tear,
       live, and die.

It only takes a minute to
       write a note,
       tell a joke,
       change a diaper,
       sing a song,
       or be still.

Within an hour you can
       share a meal,
       run an errand,
       make a cake, or make love,
       attend a parade,
       or balance your checkbook.

It takes a day to
       paint a room,
       feed a crowd,
       visit relatives,
       read a book,

If you commit a year, you can
       write a book,
       plant and harvest a crop,
       become a parent,
       change your life.

And with your lifetime,
       and with your life,
       you can, and you will,
             change the world.

Copyright: The author has given Unitarian Universalist Association member congregations permission to reprint this piece for use in public worship. Any reprints must acknowledge the name of the author.

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Last updated on Tuesday, May 14, 2013.

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