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Ceremonies and Rituals: Words for Worship

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A Blessing for the Ashes
by Naomi King
Funerals / Memorials

A Flower Communion for Colleagues
by Tess Baumberger
Ceremonies | Flower Communion

A Litany of Farewell to An Intern
by Kayle Rice
Ceremonies | Variable

A Ritual for Ingathering Water Communion Services: With an international focus
by Eric M. Cherry
Ceremonies | Fall | Homecoming / Ingathering

A Ritual of Joys and Sorrows
by Scott Phillips
Other Rituals | Variable

Blowing the Shofar
by John Marsh

Bridging Ceremony for Fifth Graders
by Dana Poss

Burning Bowl Ritual
by Victoria Weinstein
Ceremonies | Winter | New Year's Day

Ceremony of Child Dedication
by Kate Howard
Other Rituals | Child Dedication

Ceremony of Remembrance: Yom Hashoah
by Mary Wellemeyer
Ceremonies | Other Rituals

Commissioning of the Church Leaders
by Erik Walker Wikstrom
Ceremonies | Variable

Dedication of a New Chalice
by Thomas Rhodes
Ceremonies | Dedications / Blessings | Variable

Extinguishing the Chalice
by Lee Huebert

For a church history service
by Priscilla Murdock

Honoring the Bouquet of Our Mothers
by Judy Welles
Other Rituals | Spring | Mother's Day

Honoring Those Who Have Mothered Us
by Barbara Child
Other Rituals | Homilies | Spring | Mother's Day

If you woke this morning with a sorrow so heavy
by Judy Welles
Other Rituals | Other Readings

It is unfortunate that our society and its laws have not matured
by Kathleen E. Allan
Ceremonies of Union

Jazz Funeral for the Old Year
by Melanie Morel-Ensminger
Ceremonies | Winter | New Year's Day

Living The UU Principles
by Karen J. Hirsch
Other Rituals

May the Waters Gathered Here
by Susan Karlson
Ceremonies | Closing Words | Water Communion

Meditation on Forgiveness (a ritual for Yom Kippur)
by Jay E. Abernathy, Jr.
Ceremonies | Fall | Yom Kippur

New Member Covenant
by Laura Ruth Randall
Ceremonies | Membership Sunday

by Eric Kaminetzky
Other Rituals

Retirement Recognition
by Carol Hepokoski
Other Rituals

Ritual for the New Year
by Joan Kahn-Schneider
Ceremonies | Winter | New Year's Day

Today We Honor You
by Jaynn Truran
Other Rituals | Responsive Readings | Coming of Age

Transgender Rite of Passage
by Del Mulhern
Ceremonies | Other Rituals | Variable

Welcoming New Members, Including Children
by Sarah C. Stewart

Winter Solstice Ritual
by Liz Benjamin
Rituals | Winter | Winter Solstice / Yule

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Last updated on Tuesday, February 19, 2013.

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