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President's Council

Established in 1992 with the concurrence and support of the Unitarian Universalist Association’s (UUA’s) Board of Trustees, the UUA President’s Council is charged with providing the President of the UUA with suggestions and feedback on stewardship of the Association and the Movement, and on related matters; providing counsel and leadership for Association resource development efforts; and helping to increase knowledge and support of the UUA and its programs through advocacy with individuals and congregations.

Members of the Council meet annually in the fall.


  • Matthew Alspaugh and Elizabeth Hill
  • Connie Baker
  • Dan and Sue Boyce
  • Julie and Brad Bradburd
  • Dan and Julia Brody
  • Yvonne Brown
  • Don Chery and Ginger Luke
  • John Crestwell
  • Denny Davidoff
  • Bonnie and Rick Dlott
  • Charles and Barbara Du Mond
  • Ted and Jane Fetter
  • Barbara Grosmark
  • Jon and Kimberly Hassinger
  • Lawrence E. and M. Suzanne Hess
  • Todd and Lorella Hess
  • Betty V. Holcomb
  • Carolyn and David Holstein
  • John Hooper and Gail Pesyna
  • Paul Johnson and Carol Rowan
  • Mary and Dave Lareau
  • Brock and Julie Leach
  • Bill Mangham
  • Sue McGovern and Shel Lipsky
  • Makanah E. and Robert L. Morriss
  • Christopher A. Palm
  • Les and Sue Polgar
  • John Rakestraw and Mary Katherine Morn
  • Arthur H. Reublinger
  • Pearl Samples
  • Alice Schulman
  • Jim and Loretta Sherblom
  • Edward A. Simmons
  • Darien N. Smith
  • Jim Smith 
  • John F. and Susan Smith
  • Thornton and Sherry Smith
  • Betty and Tom Stapleford
  • Jan and Lowell Steinbrenner
  • Tom Stites and Alexandra Mezey
  • Karen Stoyanoff
  • Ramon and Karen Urbano
  • Scott and Charla Weiss
  • Walt and Janet Wieder

Member Alumni

  • Peggy B. Abby
  • Elissa Allen
  • Manley Allen
  • Dave and Lindy Anderson
  • Mark S. and Sandy Auburn
  • Rachael J. Balyeat
  • Bonnie Brae
  • Barbara W. Brown and Linda A. McAffrey
  • John A. and Gwen L. Buehrens
  • Ken and Lois Carpenter
  • Bill and Jeanne Casey
  • Lawrence and Gabriella Coburn
  • Ivan Cotman
  • Gini Courter
  • Tad and Judy Crawford
  • David and Donna Dutton
  • Lynn Elston
  • Murray Evans and Dee Montie
  • Dan H. Fenn, Jr.
  • Bruce and Lucia Field
  • Tomas E. Firle and Joan P. Cudhea
  • Peter K. and Paula Francese
  • George R. Friese
  • Margaret R. Fuller
  • Raymond D. Goodman
  • Chuck and Halene Graves
  • Henry and Carol Groppe
  • Coe and Betty Hamling
  • Thomas Hargrave and Meredith Higgins
  • Jim and Wendie Highsmith
  • Ernie and Shirley Hodas
  • Esther Hopkins
  • C. Leon and Dorothy A. Hopper
  • Pat and Pat Hughes
  • Vern and Bimbi Jacob
  • Bob and Marion Jones
  • John and Kathy Kaufmann
  • Bruce and Sandy Kirkman
  • Lawrence Ladd and Laurel Hallman
  • Carolyn Lavender
  • Edward Law
  • Ned and Patsy Leibensperger
  • Dick and Polly Leonard
  • Dave Lewis
  • Patricia and Fran Loeffelholz
  • John and Polly Loewy
  • Donald and Anne McClusky
  • Chris and Susan Milner
  • Leonora Montgomery
  • Gloria Hooper Ohanian
  • Phyllis Olin
  • Robert and Diane Olson
  • Frank and Priscilla Osgood
  • Joy Overstreet
  • Thomas and Carolyn Owen-Towle
  • John and Janet Pattillo
  • Nancy R. Plante
  • Alex Poinsett
  • Norma R. Poinsett
  • Lucille Porteus
  • Charlie and Birdie Reed
  • Becky Richardson
  • David Roberts and Gail Simpson
  • John and Millicent Rutherford
  • Betty Sanders
  • Robert and Jane Sarly
  • Bill Schulz and Beth Graham
  • Stu and Jan Sendell
  • Tom and Stephanie Seymour
  • Jane Sherman
  • Bill and Maria Sinkford
  • Darwin and Myra Smith
  • Gary and Elizabeth Smith
  • Susan Smith
  • Edwin Lee Solot and Marie deLucia
  • Robert Sontheimer and Frances Harris
  • Terry and Elizabeth Stapleton
  • Lee and Rem Stokes
  • Karel G. and Doris Toll
  • Ione Vargus
  • Philippe and Katherine Villers
  • Elaine Warner
  • Bob and Susan Whitney
  • Jean R. Wilkinson
  • Eleanor Williams
  • Bob and Carol Woolfson
  • Craig and Liz Wruck

For more information contact president-assist @

This work is made possible by the generosity of individual donors and congregations. Please consider making a donation today.

Last updated on Monday, November 11, 2013.

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