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3.2 Board Job Description: UUA Governance Manual

As informed and elected leaders of our Association of member congregations, the UUA [Unitarian Universalist Association] Board of Trustees assures organizational performance by creating, communicating, and monitoring organizational systems and performance, in accord with established Board policy.

Accordingly, the Board has responsibility to:

  1. Create and maintain linkage between the Board and the Sources of Authority and Accountability defined in Policy 3.0.

    1. Linkage shall mean
      1. Formal, intentional dialogue with the Sources of Authority and Accountability for the purpose of understanding the Sources’ values and the benefits the Association should produce
      2. Connections with the Sources of Authority and Accountability that ensure the board governs accountably on their behalf.
    2. No task shall have a higher priority.
    3. In linking with any particular Source, the Board will listen to multiple voices.
    4. The Board will collaborate with communities and organizations outside the Board in identifying the voices invited to speak on behalf of these Sources.
    5. The Board will report on its linkage activities with these Sources, identifying not only the methodology but also the values discerned, and the impact of those values on Board actions.
  2. Write policies that address organizational decisions and situations at the broadest levels:

    1. Shared Vision (ENDS): Statements that express values identifying what benefit to whom and at what cost.
    2. Leadership Covenant and Expectations: Established boundaries around both ethics and prudence within which all executive activity and decisions must take place.
    3. Governance Process: How the Board conceives, carries out and monitors its own task.
    4. Board-President Linkage: Promote right relationship between the President and the Board by defining the president’s role, authority, and accountability.
  3. Assure operational performance through systematic monitoring of systems and performance of the organization in relation to established policy and examining and approving the operating and capital budgets before they are implemented.
  4. Act as faithful stewards of the resources of the UUA.
  5. Obtain an annual audit of the Association’s financial reports by a certified public accounting firm with experience conducting audits of organizations of comparable size, as overseen by the Audit Committee. Upon completion of the audit, the Board will meet with the chair of the Audit Committee to receive a report that discusses the audit and the auditors’ management letter. Prior to this meeting, the Audit Committee will provide the Board with a written report, for publication on the UUA website, containing the key findings of the audit, including any finding of a serious accounting or management weakness.
  6. Promote and actively engage in the work of building an anti-racist/antioppressive/multicultural institution.
  7. Act in direct relationship with the General Assembly (GA).
    1. Approve the GA site, participating in GA programs, and responding, as appropriate, to motions adopted by GA.
    2. Review and affirm adoption of UUA Public Policy Statements, based on actions of previous General Assemblies.
    3. In consultation with the General Assembly Planning Committee, make decisions about the allocation of excess funds generated from General Assembly activities. (q.v. Policy on GA Reserve Fund)
  8. Vote to accept into membership or to terminate association membership of a congregation in accordance with UUA By-laws.
  9. Appoint and empower Board committees and Board liaisons.
  10. Ensure continuity of governance capability.

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Last updated on Tuesday, January 21, 2014.

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