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UUA Governance Manual Section Three (Governance Process) Policy Revision History

  • March 2008:
    1. This revision includes all the changes to Section 3 as created by the full Board during the Jan 2008 regular meeting.
    2. Added draft "speaking with one voice" policy
    3. Added Trustee covenant to abide by these policies
    4. Added duties for Second Vice-Moderator
  • April/May 2009:
    1. A chaplaincy role for the board is defined. See 3.1.6
    2. A “speaking with one voice” policy is adopted. See 3.3.4
    3. Several items identified by Financial Advisor Brody are incorporated.
    4. Sections 3.7 and 3.8 on Committee Structure are revised to reflect the current state of their development.
    5. Sections outlining the role of the Financial Advisor and Treasurer are added. New fiduciary duties for each as added by the Board in April2009 are also added. See 3.6.7 and 3.6.8
    6. Changed “member” to “Trustee” as appropriate throughout the text.
    7. Changed “chief executive officer” to President where appropriate.
  • January 2010:
    1. Revised Policy 3.1.9, deleting the restriction on posting of the President’s Monitoring Reports. A move toward openness.
    2. Revised Policy 3.4 opening paragraph. Added language: “Committee chairs, working group conveners and officers are authorized to communicate with members of the press concerning areas of Board discussion, deliberation and action within the scope of their authority following meetings of their respective groups.”
  • November 2010:
    1. Incorporating all Board Motions to change policies since April 2009. Done by reviewing all Minutes. From April 2009 - October 2010. J.Blevins
  • October 2011:
    1. Amended Policy 3.7.9.
    2. Added Policy 3.8.2.
    3. Added Sub-Policy 3.10.1.a.
    4. Added Policy 3.11.
  • December 2011:
    1. Amended Policy 3.7.8—Board Committee Principles.
    2. Inserted a new Policy 3.3.1 and renumbered subsequent subsections accordingly.
    3. Adopted Policy 3.1.9E(1).
  • January 2012:
    1. Amended Policy 3.1.9.C.
    2. Inserted a new Policy 3.1.9.F and renumbered subsequent subsections accordingly.
    3. Inserted a new Policy 3.7.10 and renumbered subsequent subsections accordingly.
    4. Amended Policy 3.7.9.
    5. Revised Policy 3.6.1.A.
  • May 2012:
    1. Inserted a new Policy 3.9.5.
    2. Added subsection Section 3.6.1.A.v.
    3. Amended policy 3.6.1.H.
    4. Amended policy 3.6.6.
    5. Amend policy 3.7 by substituting the phrase “Appointments Committee” for the phrase “Committee on Committees” wherever it appears.
    6. Amend policy 3.7.9.
    7. Policy 3.7.10, as adopted at the January 19-21, 2012, Board meeting, was repealed.
    8. Policy 3.8.3 Appointments Committee, was adopted.
    9. Amended Section 3.9.4.
  • June 2012:
    1. Amended Section 3.6.2.
    2. Amended Section 3.6.10.
  • October 2012:
    1. Added Sections 3.8.4, 3.8.5, and 3.8.6.
    2. Added Appendix 3.C.
  • February 2013:
    1. Added Policy 3.4.5.
    2. Added Policy 3.9.6.

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Last updated on Thursday, February 28, 2013.

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