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4.0 Global Board-President Linkage: UUA Governance Manual Section Two

As amended October 2014. Revision History.

The Board’s sole official connection to the operational organization, its achievements and conduct will be through the President.

4.1 Unity of Control
Only policies adopted by officially passed motions of the Board are binding on the President.

4.2 Accountability of the President

  1. The President is the Board’s only link to operational achievement and conduct, so that all authority and accountability of staff, as far as the Board is concerned, is considered the authority and accountability of the President.
  2. The Board will direct the President through written policies that prescribe the Shared Vision (ENDS) to be achieved, and describe organizational situations and actions to be avoided, allowing the President to use any reasonable interpretation of these policies.

4.3 Monitoring President Performance
Systematic and rigorous monitoring of President job performance will be solely against the only expected President job outputs: organizational accomplishment of the Shared Vision (ENDS), and organizational operation within the boundaries established in Board policies on Leadership Covenant and Expectations.

4.4 President Compensation And Benefits
The Board shall negotiate a contract with the President that will stipulate compensation and benefits for the President.

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Last updated on Friday, November 21, 2014.

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