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Charge to the Appointments Committee

  1. Responsibilities
    1. Not later than April 1st of each year, to forward to the Board the name of an individual recommended for each upcoming appointment to a committee or similar body for which the Board has appointment authority, including the following:
      1. Committees of the Association and Committees of the Board, as specified in the Bylaws or Rules of the Association
      2. Committees of the Board, as specified in Section 3 of the Policy Governance Manual
      3. The Trustees of the UUA Employee Benefits Trust
    2. Notwithstanding Policy 3.8.3.A.1, the Appointments Committee shall have no responsibility to make recommendations which the Board has delegated to the President under Policy 4.3.
    3. Not later than 45 days after a vacancy occurs in any appointed position, as listed in the preceding subsection, to recommend to the Board an individual for appointment to fill the vacancy.
    4. Not later than 45 days after a vacancy occurs in a trustee position, the Youth Observer, or an elected position on a committee, to recommend to the Board an individual for appointment to fill the vacancy.
    5. Not later than 60 days after a vacancy occurs in an elected officer’s position, to recommend to the Board two or more individuals for appointment to fill the vacancy.
    6. To make recommendations for appointments to task forces and other ad hoc groups, as directed by the Board.
  2. Considerations in Making Recommendations
    1. The committee shall endeavor to recommend individuals so that the  membership of committees and task forces reflects the full diversity of the Association, especially in regard to historically marginalized communities, but also balancing amongst size of congregation, lay and  ordained, geography, age (including youth and young adults), and gender, among others. The committee shall consult with groups and organizations, including those traditionally underrepresented in Unitarian Universalist leadership, to help inform the appointment process.
    2. The committee shall consult with the Moderator, the Financial Advisor, the Treasurer, and any Trustee who serves on a committee prior to making recommendations for committees on which they serve.
    3. The committee shall collaborate with the Nominating Committee to develop systems and processes for recruiting, selecting, and training appointees and candidates.
    4. The committee shall assist in providing training, support, and monitoring to further the work of other committees.
    5. The committee shall recommend for appointment only persons who are either members of congregations or youth active in their congregations as confirmed by their congregations’ boards. 

  3. Appointment and Terms
    1. The committee shall have seven members.
    2. The Board shall appoint a Trustee to serve as liaison to the committee. The liaison shall participate in all committee meetings at which recommendations are made.

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Last updated on Wednesday, June 18, 2014.

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