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Section 14.4. Miscellaneous Rules.

Rule G-14.4.1. Performance of Acts.

When the last day for the performance of any act required under the Bylaws or Rules falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or a day which is a legal holiday in the place where the act is to be performed, the act may be performed on the next succeeding business day.

Rule G-14.4.2. Receipt of Documents.

When any ballot, petition, notice, document, or material of any kind whatsoever is required to be filed with, delivered to, or received by the Association or an officer, board, committee, or agent thereof on or before a certain day, the same shall be considered to have been so filed, delivered, or received only if it is postmarked seven days prior to said certain day or actually received at the office of the Association at 25 Beacon Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02108, on an earlier day or not later than 5:00 p.m. on said certain day.

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Last updated on Friday, July 22, 2011.

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