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Section C-4.9. Accreditation of Delegates.

Rule G-4.9.1. Number of Delegates.

The Secretary of the Association shall, consistent with the Bylaws of the Association, determine the number of delegates to which each certified member congregation and associate member organization is entitled. The determinations of the Secretary may be appealed to the Board of Trustees.

Rule 4.9.1A. Merged, Consolidated, or Dissolved Congregations.

In the event a certified member congregation dissolves or merges or consolidates with another congregation subsequent to its filing the certified member certification form prescribed by Rule 3.5.1, any delegate credentials outstanding on the date of dissolution or merger or consolidation are thereby rendered null and void. In the event of merger or consolidation, the merged or consolidated certified member congregation shall be entitled during the current fiscal year of the Association to the number of delegate credentials that reflects the total membership of the merged or consolidated congregation or to the number of delegate credentials that the certified member congregations merging or consolidating would have been entitled to but for the merger or consolidation, whichever is less.

Rule 4.9.2. Settled Ministers.

A settled minister for the purpose of accreditation as a delegate pursuant to Bylaw Section 4.8 (b) is (a) a minister engaged by a certified member congregation in compensated ministerial activities which constitute fifty percent or more of a typical work schedule or (b) a community minister who (1) maintains active involvement in such congregation, (2) has written agreement with the congregation, (3) is in affiliation with the congregation; and (4) is compensated for community ministry work which constitutes fifty percent or more of a typical work schedule recognized by the congregation as ministry. A congregation is entitled to the number of accredited community minister delegates equal to the number of delegates to which it is entitled under Bylaw Section 4.8(a). A minister emeritus/a shall previously have settled in such congregation as described in this Rule. A certified member congregation shall certify in writing that its minister delegates meet the criteria for minister in accordance with this Rule.

Rule G-4.9.3. Mailing of Credential Cards.

Not less than forty-five days prior to each General Assembly, the Secretary of the Association shall send to each certified member congregation and associate member organization entitled to be represented by delegates the proper number of delegate credentials. The Secretary shall also furnish trustees with credentials.

Rule 4.9.4. Issuance of Duplicate Credential Card.

If a person who has been duly constituted a delegate arrives at a General Assembly without a properly executed Credential Card, the person may apply to the Secretary of the Association, or to one or more persons designated by the Secretary, for a special certificate of accreditation. The application shall be in writing on a form provided by the Secretary of the Association. It shall be signed by the applicant under the penalties of perjury. The certificate shall contain at least the following:

  1. the name of the congregation or associate member organization involved;
  2. in the case of a delegate representing a member congregation other than a settled minister or emerita/us minister or an accredited director of religious education, a statement that the applicant is a member of that congregation; or in the case of a delegate representing an associate member organization, a statement that the applicant is a member of a certified member congregation;
  3. a statement that the person was designated as a delegate under established procedures of the congregation or is a settled minister or emerita/us minister thereof or is an accredited director of religious education employed in the congregation, or was designated as a delegate of an associate member organization; and
  4. a brief statement as to why the applicant is not able to present an official and properly executed accrediting card.

Rule 4.9.5. Alternate Delegates.

Each certified member congregation may, in accordance with its own Bylaws or procedures, designate alternate delegates to any General Assembly in such number, not in excess of the number of delegates to which it is entitled, as it may determine. Alternate delegates shall be members of the certified member congregation they represent. All alternates appointed must be provided by the member congregation with a certification of their appointment signed by an officer of the congregation.

Rule G-4.9.6. Delegate Status.

Delegates and alternates may be designated to attend each General Assembly to be held in any fiscal year of the Association or only a particular General Assembly as each member congregation shall determine.

Rule 4.9.7. Issuance of Alternate Credentials.

In order to be issued credentials admitting the alternate as a delegate to the General Assembly, the alternate must present such certification and credential card and delegate badge of the delegate for whom such person is serving as alternate.

Rule G-4.9.8. Payment of Registration Fee.

All delegates, alternates and trustees must pay a registration fee in order to be admitted to the floor and vote at the General Assembly.

Rule 4.9.9. Amount of Fees.

The registration fee shall be set by the Board of Trustees.

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