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Bylaws and Rules

As amended through July 1, 2013.

Complete Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Bylaws and Rules (PDF, 29 pages)

Hard copy of these Bylaws and Rules is available from the Office of the UUA Chief Operating Officer:


Article I Name
Article II Principles and Purposes
Article III Membership
Article IV General Assembly
Article V Committees of the Association
Article VI Board of Trustees
Article VII Committees of the Board of Trustees
Article VIII Officers of the Association
Article IX Nominations and Elections
Article X Finance and Contracts
Article XI Ministry
Article XII Religious Education Credentialing
Article XIII Regional Organizations
Article XIV Rules
Article XV Amendment


Rule I Name
Rule II Principles and Purposes
Rule III Membership
Rule IV General Assembly
Rule V Committees of the Association
Rule VI Board of Trustees
Rule VII Committees of the Board of Trustees
Rule VIII Officers of the Association
Rule IX Nominations and Elections
Rule X Finance and Contracts
Rule XI Ministry
Rule XII Religious Education Credentialing
Rule XIII Regional Organizations
Rule XIV Rules
Rule XV Amendments


The 2013 General Assembly voted to give first-year approval to amendments to Sections C-2.3, C-3.6, C-10.6, C-10.7, C-13.1, C-13.2, and C-13.4 of the Bylaws. These proposed amendments will be on the agenda of the 2014 General Assembly for final adoption, which will require a two-thirds vote. The text of the proposed amendments can be found in the General Assembly 2013 minutes.

Printed in the U.S.A.

Unitarian Universalist Association was given corporate status in May 1961 under special acts of legislature of The Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the State of New York. See Chapter 148 of the acts of 1960 of the Massachusetts legislature and Chapter 827 of the Acts of 1960 of the New York legislature. Copies of said Acts are attached to the minutes of the organizing meeting of the Association held in Boston, Massachusetts, in May 1961 and also are printed in the 1961-62 Directory of the Association.

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Last updated on Monday, July 22, 2013.

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