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Section 7.13. Religious Education Credentialing Committee.

The Religious Education Credentialing Committee shall consist of seven members as follows:

  1. three members, none of whom is a parish minister, minister of religious education, community minister, a credentialed religious educator, or a director of religious education, appointed by the Board;
  2. one member who is a parish minister or community minister, appointed by the Board;
  3. one member who is a minister of religious education, appointed by the Board;
  4. one member who is a Credentialed Religious Educator – Master Level, appointed by the Board; and
  5. one member nominated by the Board of the Liberal Religious Educators Association and appointed by the Board of Trustees.

The Committee shall have jurisdiction over religious education credentialing with the Association as provided in Article XII thereof. The Board of Trustees shall designate a person who is not a member of the committee to be its Executive Secretary and keep its records.

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Last updated on Thursday, October 6, 2011.

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