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Section 4.14. Final Agenda for Regular General Assemblies.

The Board of Trustees shall prepare a Final Agenda for each General Assembly which shall include:

  1. all reports and other matters required by these Bylaws to be submitted to the General Assembly and all proposed amendments to Bylaws and Rules appearing on the Tentative Agenda that meet the requirements of Rule G-4.18.3;
  2. those Business Resolutions, including alternative versions, on the Tentative Agenda which meet the requirements of Rule G-4.18.3;
  3. Business Resolutions, amendments to Rules or Bylaws or other items submitted by the Board of Trustees or the Executive Committee, which did not originally appear on the Tentative Agenda, provided, however, that any such items appear on the Final Agenda accompanied by an explanation for the delayed submission;
  4. additional proposed amendments to Bylaws submitted by the Commission on Appraisal;
  5. those proposed Congregational Study/Action Issues on  the Tentative Agenda which meet the requirements of Rule G-4.18.3, and if applicable pursuant to Sections 4.12(a); and
  6. the UUA Statement of Conscience submitted by the Commission on Social Witness pursuant to Section 4.12 (c) and (d), if applicable.

The Board of Trustees shall mail the Final Agenda to each member congregation, associate member organization and trustee not less than 30 days before the General Assembly.

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Last updated on Friday, July 22, 2011.

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