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Section 4.11. Tentative Agenda for Regular General Assemblies.

The Board of Trustees shall prepare a Tentative Agenda for each regular General Assembly which shall include:

  1. reports and other matters required by these Bylaws to be submitted to the General Assembly;
  2. proposed amendments to these Bylaws which are submitted as prescribed in Article XV, Section 15.2;
  3. items referred by the preceding General Assembly;
  4. Business Resolutions and proposed amendments to Bylaws and Rules submitted by the Commission on Appraisal;
  5. all proposed amendments to Rules and all Business Resolutions as defined in Rule G-4.18.2, submitted by:
    1. the Board of Trustees or the Executive Committee;
    2. not less than fifteen certified member congregations by action of their governing boards or their congregations; or
    3. a petition by not less than 250 members of certified member congregations with no more than 10 members of any one member congregation counted as part of the 250;
  6. proposed amendments to Rules and Business Resolutions submitted by a district by official action at a duly called meeting at which a quorum is present but not in excess of three Business Resolutions per district; and
  7. Proposed Congregational Study/Action Issues submitted by the Commission on Social Witness pursuant to Section 4.12(a).

Resolutions submitted under (d), (e)(2), (e)(3) and (f) must be received by the Board of Trustees by February 1 whenever the regular General Assembly opens in June. If the General Assembly opens in a month other than June, the Business Resolutions submitted under (d), (e)(2), (e)(3) and (f) must be received no later than 110 days before the date set for the opening of that General Assembly. The UUA Statements of Conscience process deadlines are established by Sections 4.12(a) and (c) and by the Board of Trustees pursuant to Section 4.13 whenever one or more regular General Assembly is scheduled to begin in a month other than June. The Board of Trustees shall include on the Tentative Agenda all items so submitted. It may submit alternative versions of Business Resolutions in addition to the original ones submitted if in its judgment such alternatives clarify the resolutions and may make such changes in the Business Resolutions as are necessary to make each conform to a standard format. It may also submit one or more alternative versions for the purpose of combining two or more Business Resolutions. Adoption of Business Resolutions by a General Assembly shall be by two-thirds vote. The Tentative Agenda shall be mailed to each member congregation, associate member organization and trustee by March 1 if the General Assembly opens in June, otherwise, not less than 90 days before the opening of the General Assembly.

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Last updated on Friday, July 22, 2011.

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