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*Section C-3.7. Associate Member Qualifications.

The Board of Trustees may admit to associate membership in the Association any major organization whose membership or constituency consists of individuals located throughout the Association and whose purposes and programs it finds to be auxiliary to and supportive of the principles of the Association and which pledges itself to support the Association. The Board of Trustees may terminate such associate membership upon a finding that the organization no longer meets the foregoing qualifications.

The Board of Trustees may adopt rules governing the requirements for admission to and retention of associate membership. An associate member organization shall be recognized as certified during the fiscal year in which it becomes a member, and during each subsequent fiscal year if it has made a financial contribution to the Association during the immediately preceding fiscal year. The Association shall neither exercise control over nor assume responsibility for the programs, activities or finances of any associate member.

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Last updated on Friday, July 22, 2011.

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