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Board Packet, January 2010

January 13 -17, 2010

The following documents are PDF files.

Letter from the Moderator

  1. Agendas (Consent Agenda, Motions for Action)
    1. Meeting Agenda (6 pages)
    2. Consent Agenda
  2. Motions
    1. Proposed Bylaw Sections 4.11 and 15.2 (2 pages)
    2. Proposed Bylaw Amendments for the 2010 GA (3 pages)
    3. Documents Pertaining to Article II and Article XV (3 Pages)
  3.  Committees (Including Liaison Reports)
    1. Report from District President’s Meeting (5 pages)
    2. Fifth Principle Task Force Report (13 pages)
    3. Finance Committee
    4. Ministerial Fellowship Committee Report (13 pages)
    5. Report on Youth Leadership (12 pages)
  4. Reports
    1. UUA Staff Report to the Board (19 pages)

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Last updated on Wednesday, January 4, 2012.

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