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Young Adult Ministry

The Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) embraces a vision of young adult ministry that is as diverse as the young adults we serve. As Unitarian Universalists (UUs), our young adult programs must be grounded in the hopes and needs that young adults articulate as they move through their transitions, and programs will change as the needs of young adults change. Young adults represent a tremendous opportunity to expand our faith’s ministry through new approaches, forms and identities.

For more information, contact: youngadults @

General Information

  • Stay in the Know
    Tune in to these email lists, blogs, Facebook pages, webinars, and conference calls that connect you to the wider young adult community.
  • Get Started
    A place to begin with young adult ministry, whether you are a young adult yourself, a congregational leader or an adult ally.
  • Build and Sustain
    Increase the impact, breadth and depth of young adult ministry through your group or in your congregation.

Program Information

  • Groups
    Find a young adult group in your area and add your own group to the open-source Hub Map.
  • Events and Trainings
    See listings for events near you and add your local events to the open-source Hub Calendar. Also, learn about new ideas for young adult trainings.
  • For Congregations
    Adult allies and congregational leaders can find information on how to support the young adults in their religious communities.

Quick Links

  • Small Group Ministry
    This model of structured discussions of religious and theological questions is a great format for young adult groups.
  • "Coffee Hour Caution" flyer (PDF)
    Post these tips for creating a welcoming space for young adults at Sunday coffee hour.
  • Young Adult Ministry Self-Assessment for Congregations
    Answer a few questions to find out where your congregation is in the Stages of Young Adult Ministry and get resources to meet your needs.  
  • Blue Boat: Blog for Youth and Young Adult Ministries
    Follow opportunities, stories and new resources for UU young adults.

For more information contact youngadults @

This work is made possible by the generosity of individual donors and congregations. Please consider making a donation today.

Last updated on Tuesday, August 26, 2014.

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