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Multicultural and Anti-Bias Resources for Working with Children


  • Celebrate! An Anti-Bias Guide to Enjoying Holidays in Early Childhood Programs by Julie Bisson. Provides tools for families, religious educators, and UU congregations to celebrate in respectful, creative, and anti-bias ways. Published by Redleaf Press (St. Paul, MN) in 1997.
  • Multicultural Teaching, Fifth Edition by Pamela L. Tiedt & Iris M. Tiedt. A handbook of activities, information, and resources. Published by Allyn and Bacon (Boston, MA) in 1999.
  • Together and Equal: Fostering Cooperative Play and Promoting Gender Equity in Early Childhood Programs by Carol Schlank and Barbara Metzger. This handbook is a treasure of ideas, examples, activities, and resources to promote gender equity and cooperation. Published by Allyn and Bacon (Boston, MA) in 1997.
  • What Are You? Voices of Mixed-Race Young People by Pearl Fuyo Gaskins. In-depth interviews with 80 mixed-race young people. In their own words they address issues such as dating, family life, prejudice from white and minority groups, and identity struggles. At the same time, they celebrate the unique hope and possibility that come from living life in multicolors and multicultures. Published by Henry Holt and Company (New York, NY) in 1999.

Additional Print Resources

  • Children's Book Press. Multicultural books and audiocassettes for children, including folktales and contemporary stories. (246 First Street, Suite 820, Oakland, CA 94105; (415) 995-2200.)
  • Disability Awareness—Do It Right! A Handbook. Edited by Mary Johnson. Simulation exercises—activities in which participants get into wheelchairs, tie on blindfolds or stuff earplugs into their ears to "simulate" having a disability—have become a popular "Awareness Day" event. But they've also come under fire from disability activists and educators, who criticize them as demeaning and inaccurate.

    Recommended by UUA's accessibilities specialist, Rev. Dr. Devorah Greenstein, Disability Awareness offers you an all-in-one how-to guide from the Ragged Edge Online community, with tips, techniques and handouts for a successful Awareness Day. Short background articles and planning lists help you organize fun and effective Awareness Day activities that disability rights activists support. Concise, easy-to-read chapters show you how to carry out 6 specific types of activities, how to handle follow-up discussion and even how to spur social change.
  • Multicultural Folktales, Story Collections, and Storytelling Resources: Libraries Unlimited: A Division of Greenwood Publishing Group), 88 Post Road West, Westport, CT 06881; (800) 225-5800.
  • White Anti-Racist Biographies: Early Grades: For young white students, explorations of fair and unfair, just and unjust, can go a long way in advancing anti-racist white identity. Lives of white anti-racists are part of these suggested programs.

Multimedia Sources

  • GroundSpark: This national organization produces documentary films and videos that offer a perspective on economic and social justice to inspire diverse audiences to put their values into action. Videos include It's Elementary: Talking About Gay Issues in School and That's a Family! Resource for Kids on Family Diversity.
  • Multicultural Kids. A website of books, videos, arts and crafts, music, dolls, and educational resources, as well as resources on related subjects such as self-esteem, adoption, and differently-abled kids. (P.O. Box 575, Palatine, IL 60078-0757; orders (800) 711-2321.)


  • AMAZE: A non-profit organization of parents, educators and other caring adults working to create safe and respectful communities by promoting the knowledge and skills needed to work together across our differences.
  • Diversity Resource Center: Resources include Talking to Our Children About Racism and Diversity, a brochure that helps parents and children talk together about racism, prejudice, and diversity, and All Together Now, a diversity curriculum for teachers of young children. 1629 K Street, NW, 10th fl, Washington, DC 20006.
  • Educators for Social Responsibility. Catalog and resources for children, youth and adults. 23 Garden St., Cambridge, MA 02138; (800) 370-2515.
  • MAVIN Foundation: The nation's leading organization that builds healthy communities that celebrate and advocate for mixed heritage people and families. 600 First Avenue, Suite 600, Seattle, WA 98104; (888) 77MAVIN.
  • Oyate: Anti-Indian Biases Resource Center & Clearinghouse: Workshops, resource library, and resource materials by and about Native peoples for children and adults. 2702 Matthews Street, Berkeley, CA 94702; (510) 848-6700.
  • World of Difference: Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith: Provides workshops, videos and materials to help parents raise non-biased, non-prejudiced children, focusing on developing positive inter-group relations. 823 United National Plaza, New York, NY 10017; (212) 490-2525.

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Last updated on Wednesday, October 26, 2011.

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