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The Premise and the Promise

The Story of the Unitarian Universalist Association

Warren Ross

"At the age of forty, Unitarian Universalism is only now coming of age as a religious movement that is something new—more than the sum of the two faith traditions that joined forces to form it. It marks the time when many of our original founders are gone, and when the vision, the promise, has to be taken up by a new generation.

"Our future leaders will need to make prudent choices about how to move us forward. May these pages, with their recording of how we have come to where we are now in the journey, serve to help us all to realize the challenges they will face—and to commit ourselves to helping them, and all of us, to help fulfill the great promise that still lies ahead."
—John Buehrens, from the foreword

In readable, accessible prose, with material from more than 60 interviews, here is the compelling institutional tale of two like-minded but separate religious bodies electing to unite and move into the future together. Features important figures in Unitarian and Universalist history, highlights key leaders in the consolidation process and chronicles significant aspects of the work of the UUA since 1961.

A contributing editor of UU World, Warren Ross served as president of the Unitarian Universalist New York Metro District, chair of the UUA Nominating Committee and member and vice chair of the UUA Board of Trustees. He is the author of Funding Justice: The Legacy of the Unitarian Universalist Veatch Program (Skinner House Books).

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Last updated on Wednesday, June 2, 2010.

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