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American Universalism

Fourth Edition

George Huntston Williams

This classic study of Universalist theological trends considers a variety of issues: the social reform efforts of Horace Greeley and Quillen Shinn, the ordination of women, the temperance movement, penal reform, spiritualism, pacifism and more. First presented to the 1970 General Assembly on the bicentennial of John Murray's arrival in the U.S., this fourth edition includes a new introduction by historian Charles Howe. Co-published with the Unitarian Universalist Historical Society.

An accomplished historian of early Protestantism and Unitarianism, George Huntston Williams also wrote The Radical Reformation (1962). Charles Howe is minister emeritus of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Praise for American Universalism:

"Williams's American Universalism is important not because it is a history of Universalism—it is not—but because it contains an analysis of American Universalism during its formative first hundred years. It takes a snapshot of Universalism at the time of the Murray centenary celebration in 1870, creates a set of categories for understanding the various kinds of Universalists, then studies how these Universalist types developed in the second century of Universalism, paying particular attention to social issues and the relations of Universalists with other closely related denominations. This book invites us to reflect on the manifold nature of our Universalist heritage."
—Peter Hughes

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Last updated on Wednesday, June 2, 2010.

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