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Church Administration & Leadership Books from Skinner House

The Abundance of Our Faith
Award-winning Sermons on Giving, Plus Suggestions for Group Discussion

Edited by Terry Sweetser and Susan Milnor

The Addiction Ministry Handbook
A Guide for Faith Communities

Denis Meacham

All Are Chosen
Stories of Lay Ministry and Leadership
Edited by Margaret L. Beard and Roger W. Comstock

A Well-Body Book for Congregations

Anne Odin Heller, Illustrated by Sinclair Crockett

The Complete Guide to Small Group Ministry
Saving the World Ten at a Time
Robert L. Hill

Everyone a Butterfly
Forty Sermons for Children

Randy Hammer

In the Interim
Strategies for Interim Ministers and Congregations

Edited by Barbara Child & Keith Kron

Remarks on Passing the Plate

Robert Thayer

The Prophetic Imperative
Social Gospel in Theory and Practice

Richard S. Gilbert

A Unitarian Universalist Primer
Edited by Patricia Frevert

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Last updated on Wednesday, April 3, 2013.

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