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Poem in a Time of Peril

Of course truth is hard.
It is a rock.
Yet I do not think it will fall upon me.
And crush me.
I do not think they can hammer it to bits
And stone me.

Help me place the rock in the strong current
Of these rushing waters.
I must climb upon it.
I must know how truth feels.
When I plunge naked
Into the bright depths of these waters,
I must know how truth feels.
When I am swept by the cold fury of these waters,
I must know, with my whole being, how truth feels.
I shall remember how truth feels.

I praise the rock.
I praise the river.
I fear the drought
More than death by water.

—Barbara Rohde

From All the Gifts of Life: Collected Meditations, Volume Three, edited by Patricia Frevert.

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Last updated on Thursday, September 23, 2010.

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