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Congregational Stories About Peace and Human Rights

Working for justice and striving for equality and diversity are at the center of the lives of many individual Unitarian Universalists. As we seek to live lives that are justice-filled and that affirm the inherent worth and dignity of each person, we can gain strength from one another.

In these stories about congregational life, we share what other congregations have done to bring about justice or deepen learning on international peace and human rights.

Carbondale to Kabwe: Growth of an HIV/AIDS Partnership
December 3, 2008 | by Carla Feldhamer

First Unitarian Church of Albuquerque's Anti-Torture Witness
November 6, 2008 | by Ann Harrison and Jane Ronca-Washburn

A Life-Changing Journey to Iran
September 25, 2008 | by Helen Lindsay

Congregations Work for Darfur Awareness With Tents of Hope
September 25, 2008 | by Alex Winnett, UUA Program Associate for Peacemaking

First Universalist Church of Essex, MA, Sponsors Iraq War Veterans
March 19, 2008

Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Phoenix Calls Attention to Human Rights Violations
January 25, 2008

Building a UU Global Social Justice Movement
June 23, 2007

Mother's Day Witness Draws Crowds and Media
May 13, 2007 | by Dolores Priem

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