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Helpful Unitarian Universalist Historical Documents on Conscientious Objection

  1. Reverend Noah Worcester, "A Solemn Review of the Custom of War; Showing that War is the Effect of Popular Delusion, and Proposing a Remedy", (1815)
  2. Reverend William Ellery Channing, Letter to President Van Buren Protesting the Annexation of Texas, (1837)
  3. Reverend Adin Ballou, "Standard of Practical Christianity", (1839)
  4. Reverend Edward Everett Hale, "The Man Without a Country", (1909)
  5. Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) General Assemby Resolution on Draft Reform and Conscientious Objection (1967)
  6. UUA General Assembly Resolution on the Right of Dissent (1968)
  7. UUA General Assembly Resolution on Registration for the Selective Service (1980)
  8. UUA General Assembly Resolution on Human Rights and War (1980)
  9. UUA General Assembly Resolution on Establishment of the U.S. Academy of Peace and Conflict Resolution (1983)
  10. UUA General Assembly Resolution Endorse the Earth Charter (2002)

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Last updated on Friday, May 3, 2013.

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