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What are UUs saying about UU University?

Why are Congregation Leaders of all Kinds so Enthusiastic About UU University?

Participants in Unitarian Universalist University (UU University) 2007 shared their comments with our camera crew, who created this YouTube spot.

UU University 2006 participants shared the following notes about their experiences in St. Louis:

"UU University is the best thing I've seen the Unitarian Universalist Association do for lay leadership in the fifteen years I've been involved with Unitarian Universalist leaders."

"The "social" component is very valuable. One of the benefits to me was meeting others—even from my own city!"

"[UU University was] just what I wanted as an incoming president of my congregation."

"Our lay leadership, particularly board presidents, turns over continuously. No opportunity to strengthen lay leadership skills and understandings should be missed…[UU University] should be an annual event."

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Last updated on Wednesday, September 12, 2012.

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