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District Funding from the Annual Program Fund

The Unitarian Universalist Association redistributes a portion of the total Annual Program Fund and G.I.F.T. contributions in the form direct grants to the Districts and Regoins, in addition to substaintial funds distributed through programming and services.

How was the District Grant funding calculated for 2014 (for distribution in 2015)?

For funding distributed in 2015 based on 2014 contributions the basic grant is 11% of the District or Region's percentage of Fair Share attained, up to 100%, times the total amount the district contributed to the Association in Fiscal Year 2014.

In addition to the Basic Grant, a Fair Share Congregations' Grant of $500 is given when 75-89% of  member congregations are full Fair Share and/or if 75-89% of the district’s Fair Share dollar amount is raised. An additional $2,500 is earned when 90% or more of  member congregations are full Fair Share and/or if 90% or more of the  Fair Share dollar amount is raised.

A final grant of $2,500 is given when all congregations in the district or region are Fair Share.

District and Region Grants distributed in FY15 are based on FY14 contributions, details of these contributions can be found in the file entitled APF FY2014 District Grants to be disbursed in FY2015 (to be posted AFTER 9/15/2014)

 Reports are updated on a monthly basis, after the previous month has closed and by the 15th of the following month.

Archived District Monthly Reports reports (prior to 10/2012) are available.

Please feel welcome to contact the APF office anytime for further assistance.

*As more districts evolve into Regions, this language will likely change. The information provided here pertains to grant dispersal based on the APF and GIFT contributions in 2014.

District and Regional Monthly Reports

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Last updated on Thursday, September 11, 2014.

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