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Evening Entertainment at General Assembly

2014 Evening Entertainment

Thursday, June 26: Big Nazo

BIG NAZO is a genre-shifting Rock & Roll/Funk spectacle featuring giant go-go dancing monsters, mischievous mountain trolls, bizarre extra-terrestrials, and hilarious human-animal hybrids who take turns invading the stage while the masked-mutant musicians of the BIG NAZO BAND pump out a creature dance party groove. BIG NAZO, (based in Providence, Rhode Island) has performed at clubs and festivals throughout the US, Canada and overseas, stretching as far and wide as Singapore, Scotland, Indonesia, Portugal, Japan, Italy and Holland.

Friday, June 27: Dance

Dance the night away with DJ Lefty, one of Rhode Island's top DJ's. Lefty will spin dance music for all tastes, including  including Funk, Reggae, Oldies, Salsa, Hip Hop, Soul, and World music.

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Last updated on Tuesday, March 25, 2014.

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A compilation of scenes from recent BIG NAZO LAB appearances.

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BIG NAZO LAB Perform in Vancouver Street Parade

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DJ Lefty of Providence, RI

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