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Business Agenda

The General Assembly (GA) is the annual business meeting of the denomination. An elected moderator presides at the General Assembly in accordance with rules of procedure. General Assemblies make overall policy for carrying out the purposes of the Association and direct and control its affairs. Voting at each regular and special General Assembly shall be by accredited delegates from certified member congregations, certified associate member organizations, and trustees.

The business to be transacted will be set forth in the official agenda.

Business Agenda for General Assembly 2014

Fossil Fuel Divestment Resolution

Who may place items on the GA Agenda?

Certified congregations may:

  • Propose Amendments to Bylaws in collaboration with 14 other congregations.
  • Write a Business Resolution in collaboration with 14 other congregations.
  • Petition to propose Amendments to Rules by gathering 250 signatures (no more than 10 from any one congregation) in collaboration with other congregations.
  • Petition to propose a Business Resolution by gathering 250 signatures (no more than 10 from any one congregation) in collaboration with other congregations.

Districts may (by official action at a district meeting at which a quorum is present):

  • Write up to three Business Resolutions.
  • Propose Amendments to Bylaws and Rules.

The Board of Trustees or the Executive Committee may submit Business Resolutions, Amendments to Rules or Bylaws, or other items.

The Commission on Social Witness may submit proposed Congregational Study/Action Issues and UUA Statements of Conscience.

Commission on Appraisal may submit additional proposed Amendments to Bylaws.

All reports and other matters required by the Bylaws to be submitted to the General Assembly may also be included in the agenda.

Past Agendas

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Last updated on Friday, June 27, 2014.

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