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Upper Midwestern Modest: A Pretty Good Revue

General Assembly 2010 Event 3072

Sponsor: First Unitarian Society of Madison


  1. Elizabeth Barrett: Pre-show Introduction and Arm Warm-ups
  2. Joe Harris, guitar
  3. Elizabeth Barrett: Opening Words
  4. Amber Nicole Dilger and Eva Wright, piano: “Grateful” by John Bucchino
  5. Lynn and Richard Scoby: Mustard Commercial
  6. Robin Delaquess, accordion: “Themes from Second Hungarian Rhapsody”
  7. Joe Harris, guitar: “Summer Rain”
  8. Nick Schweitzer, Vicky Jones, Richard Scoby, and Joe Guy Gris: Skit
  9. Dan Broner and Eva Wright: Brahms Piano duet
  10. Melissa Simonson, guitar: “Beautiful Child”
  11. Unitarian Universalist (UU) Translator commercial: Written by Elizabeth Barrett
  12. Abby Swetz & Lauri Schwartz: “Amazing Grace”
  13. Elizabeth Barrett: News from Unitarian Universalist United Society and Fellowship (UUUSaFe, a mythical congregation)
  14. Amber Nicole Dilger and Eva Wright, piano: “Children Will Listen” from Into the Woods, by Stephen Sondheim
  15. Abby Swetz: Reading a poem by Taylor Mali
  16. Noah Huber: Electric guitar solo
  17. Chorus: “Uma Familia” by Jay Althouse; Eva Wright, Piano; Dan Broner, drum and First Unitarian Society Music Director

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Last updated on Thursday, September 8, 2011.

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