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Bridging Ceremony

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General Assembly 2004 Event 3112

Now in its tenth year, the Bridging Ceremony has become a significant rite of passage at General Assembly (GA), as the entire GA community gathers to honor and support those passing from youth to young adult.

Those in attendance were treated to a particularly moving ceremony. Organized by Dr. Michael Tino, Director of Young Adult and Campus Ministry and Jen Hazel, Intergenerational Choir Director, the service began with opening words by Sarah Riddle. Young Religious Unitarian Universalists (YRUU) Steering Committee Member Annie Powell then represented the Youth Voice. She was followed by Laurel Albina who gave an impassioned account of her spiritual journey from her years as a teenager to her experiences as a young adult dealing with many intense social activist concerns, from her parents' difficulties with the Vietnam War to her Palestinian background.

With that, each “Bridger” was invited to introduce themselves to the audience, and they were then welcomed warmly by the enthusiastic community of adults and former Bridgers who were waiting for them on “the other side” of the stage.

Our Newest Young Adults

  • Ariel Aaronson-Eves
  • David Ballard
  • Kristen Blosser
  • Kelsey Boler
  • Nicole Bonzani
  • Halley Cooper
  • Beth Dana
  • Eleanor Fort
  • Rachel Garnett
  • Jessie Halperin
  • Brenton Hard
  • Dan Holmes
  • Julia Huang
  • Therese Ives
  • Sean Kelley
  • Ilana Leshay
  • Jason Lidon
  • Daniel Maitland
  • Stevie Dee Mock
  • Daniel Paoletti
  • Emily Perchlik
  • Annie Powell
  • Nicholas Austin Reed
  • Brandon Rogers
  • Alex Rose
  • Megan Selby
  • Julian Sharp
  • Rachel Silver
  • Lily Jee Yung Sparks
  • Abbi Westwood
  • Andrea Welles
  • Erin Wissink

Reported by Allan Stern.

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Last updated on Thursday, September 8, 2011.

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