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Bridging Ceremony

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General Assembly 2003 Event 3107


Prelude: Jen Hazel

Lighting the Chalice: Nora Rasman

Young Adult Voice One: KT Michael

Youth Voice: Malcolm Spruiell

Young Adult Voice Two: Laila Ibrahim

Music Interlude: Bridge Over Troubled Waters Bridging Choir

On Transitions Rev. Cynthia Kane

Invitation to Bridgers: Michael Tino

  • Nathaniel Balder
  • Laura Baum
  • Bryan Beck
  • Lillian Bevis
  • Alexandra Borys
  • Gregory Boyd
  • Michael Brown
  • Rachel Buglione-Corbett
  • Jessica Chapman
  • Alicia Clark
  • Charles Covey-Brandt
  • Jesse Dill
  • Lani Dove
  • Alex Drexler
  • Sonja Drummond
  • Jennifer Dunmore
  • Nathan Dunn
  • Hillary Feinstein
  • Tim Fitzgerald
  • Jenny Gibbins
  • Kristin Gilbert
  • Bethany Glatz
  • Abbie Goetting
  • Ruth Hamilton
  • Matt Hiller
  • Abigail Houseknecht
  • Bill Howe
  • Candace Jamison
  • Emily Jenkins
  • Jeanine Kavka
  • James Kidwell
  • Eleen Klemme
  • Tempa Klinegores
  • Rachel Knipfer
  • Sachi Christine Kobayashi
  • Jake Krueger
  • Jordan Lyons
  • Lila McDowell
  • Claire McLendon
  • Maya Menezes
  • Jared Miller
  • Jane Murray
  • Erica Nagel
  • Heather Noble
  • Trevor Pearson
  • Aubrey Planitz
  • Kristyna Reisberg
  • Becka Reznick
  • Laurel Rowse
  • Rebecca Roy
  • Betty Jeanne Rueters-Ward
  • Lizzy Schwartz
  • Rebecca Sheldon
  • Meg-O Smith
  • Maggie Surface
  • Caitlin Sweet
  • Robin Tala
  • Robin Tiller
  • Stephen Turnbull
  • Heather Vail
  • Erica Warren
  • Topher West
  • Jessica Whitworth
  • Katie Whitworth
  • Alex Winnett
  • Jacquelyn Wright

Bridging Hymn: Words and music by Jen Hazel

Please join in singing and continue until all bridgers are on stage.

Ooo..... Take my hand. Ooo..... Fill my heart. Ooo..... Move my soul.

Charge to Bridgers and Prayer: Michael Tino

Closing Words: KT Michael

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Last updated on Thursday, September 8, 2011.

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