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Giving and Stewardship Books by Unitarian Universalist Authors

  • Asking Makes a Difference: A Guide for Stewardship Teams. King, Jerald. Books one and two. Self published, 2000, King and Associates, PMB 246, 1251 South Reynolds Rd, Toledo, OH 43615.
  • *Beyond Fundraising: The Complete Guide to Congregational Stewardship. Clark, Wayne B. Blueprint for successful fundraising that moves beyond the myth of scarcity to the reality of abundance. (Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA; UUA Bookstore, $18.00.)
  • Beyond the Collection Plate: Overcoming the Obstacles of Faithful Giving. Durall, Michael. Analyzes prevailing attitudes in church toward giving and managing money, and demonstrates how many prevailing practices in stewardship campaigns and fundraising have lost their effectiveness. Provides strategies for encouraging more giving. (Abingdon Press, UUA Bookstore, $16.00.)
  • Budgets With a Mission, 2nd Edition. King, Jerald. Congregations often conduct successful fundraisers for special projects, yet find it difficult to raise the necessary funds for their operating budget. This resource explores how to increase membership involvement and financial giving in order to provide stable, ongoing support. (Self-published, 1998, King and Associates, PMB 246, 1251 South Reynolds Rd, Toledo, OH 43615.)
  • Churchworks: A Well-Body Book for Congregations. Heller, Anne Odin. $20.00/copy.
  • Creating Congregations of Generous People. Durall, Michael. Strategies for building gift giving based on "who we are." Suggests how to increase your church's spiritual growth while implementing an annual stewardship appeal. (Alban; UUA Bookstore, $14.00.)
  • Offerings: Remarks on Passing the Plate. Thayer, Robert. Collected anecdotes and reflections for use before the offering. Shows readers how to turn the sensitive topic of asking for money into the art of giving and receiving. Thayer is a minister, current member of the APF Committee and a strong advocate for stewardship education in congregations. (Skinner House; UUA Bookstore, $8.00, Product Code 7193.)
  • Financial Management in the Church, 6th Edition. Henrickson, K. Peter. A book geared toward church treasurers about getting, using and accounting for money in the church. Henrickson also speaks on how money is the bonding glue of togetherness. (Buy the book from K. P. Henrickson's website, $20.00.)
  • *The Abundance of Our Faith: Award-Winning Sermons on Giving. Sweetser, Terry and Susan Milnor. Nineteen award-winning sermons on giving. (UUA; UUA Bookstore, $16.00, Product Code 7092.)

Many of these and other titles are available at the UUA Bookstore. To purchase resources, call the UUA Bookstore at (800) 215-9076; email bookstore @; or visit the Fundraising and Stewardship section of the Bookstore's website.

*New in 2009-2010 from the UUA Bookstore!Giving & Generosity Set” includes three book titles—a $52.00 value for only $45.00.

For more information contact apf @

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Last updated on Tuesday, July 12, 2011.

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