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Next Steps Weekend Assessment Visit

A Next Steps Weekend provides an opportunity for your leadership and a stewardship consultant, working as a team, to gather information about your congregation and to assess your strengths, opportunities, and challenges across the full range of congregational life. The consultant will use this clear understanding about your current situation and your desired future to develop specific recommendations for the way forward. Prior to arriving, the consultant will have received extensive written information about your congregation. During the weekend, the consultant will gather more information and encourage dialogue in a series of meetings while visiting with the congregation. The specific agenda for your weekend will be determined by the consultant and the congregational leadership, but in general, you may expect the consultant may want to meet with the following constituents:

  • Minister
  • Director of Religious Education
  • Any Other Staff Members
  • Finance Committee Chair
  • Budget Drive Chair
  • Strategic Planning Committee
  • Building and Grounds Committee Chair
  • Governing Board
  • Person(s) Responsible for Nurturing New Members
  • Person(s) Responsible for Coordinating Volunteers
  • Communications and Outreach Team
  • Social Justice Team

A Next Steps Weekend Assessment Visit will provide your congregation with specific recommendations to get "from here to there." Based on all the information gathered, the stewardship consultant will list several steps necessary to allow your congregation to reach its long-term goals. These recommendations will be given verbally at the end of the visit as an initial observation, and will then be followed by a detailed written report. The recommendations may address, for example, the following issues:

  • Strategic Plan
  • Endowment Program
  • Budget Drives
  • Capital Campaign
  • Facilities Planning
  • UUA loans, loan guarantees, and grants
  • Other areas as determined by the results of the visit

A Next Steps Weekend Assessment Visit will clarify ways in which the Congregational Stewardship Consultant Program may be helpful to your congregation. The program has provided consulting services to hundreds of congregations since 1985. Each stewardship consultant has had first-hand experience with a wide variety of stewardship issues and has been thoroughly trained through the Unitarian Universalist Congregational Stewardship Network. Stewardship consultants are prepared to guide and coach your congregation through all aspects of your comprehensive fundraising and stewardship processes.

For more information contact congstewardship @

This work is made possible by the generosity of individual donors and congregations. Please consider making a donation today.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 22, 2014.

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