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UUA 40 Day Challenge for Earth Day

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The Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) 40 Day Challenge for Earth Day video highlights the Association’s staff members’ commitments to an environmental action for 40 days. Rev. Peter Morales, President of the UUA, was featured in a teaser video saying "We at the UUA are deeply committed to living our Seventh Principle, and the 40/40 Campaign is an excellent resource for strengthening our awareness of water-related issues. In keeping with the UUA's environmental justice work, I'll be participating in the 40/40 Campaign by committing to a series of spiritual reflections about water and social justice.” In this video, Rev. Peter Morales invites you to participate in this year’s 40/40 challenge along with UUA staff.

Download UUA 40 Day Challenge for Earth Day (MP4) (right-click to save the file).


[Sounds of flowing water, Screen text: The 40/40 Challenge for Earth Day]

[Montage of folks saying “Join me”…”Join us…”, Screen text: My commitment.]

Peter Morales: Take a look at what you UUA staff members are doing as a part of the forty-forty campaign. Perhaps they’ll inspire you to take action as well.

Rachel Walden: My name is Rachel Walden, I’m the Information Assistant at the Unitarian Universalist Association. In honor of Earth Day this year, I’m trying to make everything that I do more environmentally sustainable whether at home or work. And this year I’m going to commit to using only reusable cups and mugs at work.

Jesse: I’m making a commitment to use reusable bags at all times.

Doug Zelinski: For these 40 days, I’m committed to bringing my own container for water no matter where I’m at.

Erik Mohn: My name is Erik Mohn and I currently serve as the Spirituality and Service Consultant here at the UUA. And I vow for Earth Day to not let the water run or tun off the water while I’m brushing my teeth in the morning and the evening - you’ve got to brush twice a day.

Chris May: One of my contributions will be a compost bin and I’m going to encourage everybody to use it together. Because my theory is the better the soil, the less water we use.

Alex Kapitan: This Earth Day I’m giving up meat for 40 days and challenging myself to break the habit.

Sarah Lammert: Hi I'm Sarah Lammert, I'm the Director of Ministries and Faith Development here at the UUA. I take the T into work which is a good thing. But everyday on my way to the office I stop at Starbucks and I pick up one of these, a Venti cup.  I am sorry to think about all the cups that I put into the garbage.  So for the 40 Day Earth Day Commitment Challenge this year, I'm going to use a reusable, washable mug and bring it into Starbucks everyday. And stop taking these disposable cups to work anymore.

Audra Friend: For our Earth Day, my wife and I have decided our family is going to become week-day vegetarians. And as part of that we also decided that we wanted to look at the way we’re eating and using products in our house so we’ve decided to use no more plastic bottles, we’re not buying bottled water drinks anymore, and if we can’t make it with tap water we aren’t going to drink it.

Aisha Hauser: One of the things that I’m doing is charging my children if they leave the lights on. If they leave the house or they leave the room and I have to go upstairs and shut the lights, I charge them. And one of the reasons I’m doing that is to make them more aware of saving energy and how important that is.

Sarah Lammert: We hope you’ll join us for the Earth Day Commitment Challenge.

Tracy Ahlquist: Join me

Rob Molla: for Earth Day

Doug Zelinski: for Earth Day

Jesse Holm: for Earth Day

Kayla Parker: Join me in celebrating Earth Day.

Scott Thomson: Join me for Earth Day.

Miguel Ortega: Please join me Earth Day.

Rowan Van Ness: Join us for in the 40 day Earth Day challenge.

Ernest Ward: Join us for Earth day… at the UUA.

[Sounds of flowing water, Screen text: Earth Day 2011 resources available at]

Peter Morales: I’m honored to have the opportunity to serve as the President of such a committed thoughtful group. And I hope you’ll join us in this year’s forty-forty challenge.

[Sounds of flowing water, Screen text: The 40/40 Challenge for Earth Day]

[Sounds of flowing water, Screen text: Unitarian Universalist Association]

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Last updated on Friday, August 19, 2011.

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