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How to Set Up a Podcast

Podcasting allows congregations and individuals to share a regularly-updated set of video and audio files with subscribers. A podcast is composed of individual episodes (audio or video files) that are distributed through a single feed. Podcasts are almost always made available for free.

This resource explains how to create a podcast from audio or video files that have already been recorded.

There are advantages to distributing audio and video files in a podcast feed. Interested listeners/viewers can subscribe to a podcast feed (through iTunes or other subscription handling service), receive automatic updates when new episodes are added, and easily transfer these episodes on to their portable mp3 players. Podcasts that are listed in the iTunes store can be found by a wide range of potential subscribers, including people who may not visit your congregational or personal website.

Here are two methods for creating a podcast and listing it on iTunes:

Method #1

Set up a blog using Blogger, convert the Atom feed from that blog into an RSS feed using Feedburner, and submit the Feedburner feed to iTunes.

Instructions for setting up a blog for podcasting using Blogger and converting the Atom feed into an RSS feed using Feedburner can be found in's "How to Make a Podcast Feed from Blogger."

Instructions for testing and submitting your Feedburner RSS feed to iTunes are included in the iTunes technical specifications.

This approach requires a low level of technical savvy, but is somewhat inflexible. This method does not allow the podcast administrator to backdate posts or otherwise directly alter the information in the podcast’s RSS feed.

Method #2

Create an RSS feed and save it as an XML file, upload the XML file for your RSS feed to your congregation’s website, and then submit the link to that XML file to iTunes.

More information about what an RSS feed for iTunes should look like is available in the iTunes technical specifications.

This approach requires a moderate level of technical savvy, but also allows for greater flexibility. Using this approach, podcast administrators can backdate posts and otherwise directly alter the information included in the podcast’s RSS feed.

For more information contact pw_specialist @

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Last updated on Monday, March 28, 2011.

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