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Resource Guide for Ministerial Search Committees

An essential supplement to the Settlement Handbook (PDF, 47 pages).

The Resource Guide for Ministerial Search Committees (Word, 71 pages)

The following documents are PDF files.

Intro: How to Use this Guide (4 pages)

  1. The Ten C's of Ministry (5 pages)
  2. Beyond Categorical Thinking (3 pages)
  3. Congregational Record (4 pages)
  4. Ministerial Record (3 pages)
  5. Sample Newsletter Articles (14 pages)
  6. Plan for Ministerial Search Poster (1 page)
  7. Ministerial Profile (2 pages)
  8. Congregational Profile (3 pages)
  9. Pre-candidating Weekend Schedule (1 page)
  10. Questions, Questions (8 pages)
  11. Candidating Week Schedules (9 pages)
  12. Multi-Staff Considerations (3 pages)
  13. Ministerial Qualities Matrix (2 pages)
  14. Congregational Survey (30 pages)
  15. Tips on the Ministerial Psyche and How to Court It (5 pages)
  16. Search Committee Retreat Guide (28 pages)

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Last updated on Tuesday, April 16, 2013.

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