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Benefit Details for Dental Insurance

MetLife dental benefit highlights (PDF) :

  • Preventive services every six months at no charge and no deductible when you choose an in-network dental provider.
  • Maximum benefit increased more than 16%, to $1,750 per person per year.
  • No I.D. card required; simply notify your dentist that you participate in MetLife's plan via our group.
  • Plan pays pays 80 percent of Basic Restorative Services and 50 percent of Major Restorative Services after deductible, up to the increased maximum per person per year benefit of $1,750.
  • You and your dependents are free to use any dentist with this program; be aware that using out-of-network dental providers typically increases your out of pocket costs because benefits paid in that case are based on the usual, customary, and reasonable rates for that area, rather than the fees that MetLife PDPs have agreed to accept.
  • You minimize your out of pocket costs by choosing an in-network dentist for your dental care. See benefit highlights to understand the potential savings when you select an in-network provider.
  • Savings can range from 15 to 45% of the fees charged to those without coverage.
  • MetLife dental coverage participants benefit from Met's complimentary VisionAccess (PDF) which provides discounts on eyeglasses without additional enrollment or claim forms
  • Implants are now a covered Type C service.
  • Newly retiring employees can retain their enrollment with this plan when they act promptly. Contact Insurance Plans Coordinator, insurance_plans @, for details.

To locate a participating in-network dentist in your area, please visit Metlife's website.

Dependent Eligibility

Your spouse/domestic partner or unmarried child except:

  • A person in the military or armed forces
  • A person covered under this plan as an employee
  • A person who lives outside the United States or Canada
  • A dependent child age 26 years old or older

For more information contact insurance_plans @

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Last updated on Wednesday, November 13, 2013.

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